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If you are in need of child support, require assistance in taking steps to enforce an existing Child Support Order, or have been served with a complaint for child support, an experienced Rockville child support attorney can help you navigate the process. Failing to pay your child support as ordered may result in serious consequences, including additional fees, a suspension of your driver’s license, and a finding of contempt.

We understand that your rights and obligations regarding child support may be confusing, and we are here to help. Backed by years of experience, our child support lawyers in Rockville can help you with all your family law and divorce needs. We will help you determine your optimum courses of action and effectively guide you through the complex legal process. You can count on us to provide you with the strong representation you need and deserve.

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About Child Support in Maryland

There are several important aspects of child support that you should be aware of. First, in these types of cases, the custodial parent will receive monthly money payments from the non-custodial parent. These payments will be made directly to the custodial parent and they will be used to pay for the child’s food, rent, clothes, and other essential items. If circumstances regarding the parents or their children change substantially later on, the court may alter the child support order, as it retains the jurisdiction to do so. Lastly, the payments will end automatically once the child dies, reaches 18 years old, or becomes emancipated (in certain cases).

If the noncustodial parent fails to make their payment in full and on time, the government may:

  • Deny the renewal or issuance of a passport
  • Bring contempt of court actions against that parent
  • Report parents owing child support to credit bureaus
  • Intercept federal and state tax refunds to make child support payments
  • Request the revocation or suspension of a recreational or professional license

At What Age Does Child Support Stop in Maryland?

According to Maryland law, the legal age to stop child support is 18 years old. Although, there may be an extension to 19 years old if that child is still attending high school. Or, if there are past-due child support payments, all payments must be paid in full, regardless of the child's age.

Is It Worth Getting A Child Support Lawyer?

When one is facing child custody and child support issues let your attorney guide you through the court system so you can achieve the best possible outcome. Your Rockville child support attorney knows the laws regarding child support and child custody in Maryland and will be able to help guide you to the best solution for your situation.

How Long Can You Go Without Paying Child Support in MD?

In Maryland, you can go 60 days without paying child support before the state takes action. After 60 days, the state of MD can suspend your driver's license, garnish your wages, and even put you in jail. The state of MD can also take other actions, such as seizing your assets and placing a lien on your property.

If you or your ex-spouse cannot pay child support, contact a child support lawyer serving the Rockville community immediately. Our law firm can work with you to create a payment plan you can afford.

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